What to Do in San Felipe

After having fun at the Carnaval, you might want to do some wandering around San Felipe.

Go for a stroll down the beach and experience the more relaxed side of San Felipe.

Stop by the Malecon for a fish taco (Not something to miss, they were invented here!)

Rent a quad and spend a while exploring the back desert or dunes south of town.

Venture to the south for a mini-expedition to the Valley of the Giant Cactus… these massive plants are an awe-inspiring sight!

If you have no plans on your agenda, stick around San Felipe…next weekend is the delicious Paella Festival and the San Felipe Cancer Walk!

Sit on the terrace at Rice and Beans, Baja Mar or Rosita’s and have a bite to eat and a well-deserved Margarita.

Check out the second hand store that is operated by the Animal Rescue group (VIVA) http://www.myvivasf.com/ or browse around the segundas at the traffic circle opposite the Pemex station.

Go down to the harbor and see if there is a catch of fresh fish or shrimp, take some home!

Climb the steps to the Shrine of the Virgin of Guadelupe (cross the bridge across from Rosita’s at the north end of the Malecon to get there). How many steps are there?

Go look at a few real estate listings and take in an open house or two. You may find that you go home the proud owner of a beachfront cottage.